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Frogga Single Nozzle

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Frogga Single Nozzle

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Idea for small and medium size spaces as a lower cost alternative to the dual nozzle frogga. This has been designed to run with a lower capacity compressor (air requirements 65psi and 4cfm).

Tech Spec:

  •  Dry Fog (<10 microns)
  •  Uses 50ml of solution per minute
  • Total capacity of 6.5 Litres
  • 130 mins of running time at fill capacity
  • Inlet air requires 65 psi and 4 cfm

Key Features:

  • Can be operated inside with carpet and electronics
  • Fast - Sanitizers a small to medium rooms (20 – 90 cubic meters) within minutes
  • Air powered
  • Compact
  • Easy to operate (Fill with solution, Place in room, Plug in airline and Swith on)
  • Operate safely outside the room
  • Removes the need for manual sanitizing and cleaning