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Testing & Research

History & Product Development

Our challenge

Was “how do we create dry fog for use in an indoor environment?” There were many other products out in the market that promised dry fog, but after testing we found these claims to be inaccurate as evident by the residual liquid left on the ground. These were closer to wet fogging systems and not suitable for indoor spaces.

Droplet particle size the Key

From our research we know there is a spectrum of droplet sizes, the largest (rainfall) typically 100 microns to the smallest dry fog less than 10 microns. To use airborne sanitizer safely and effectively indoors, the range of droplet particles need to all be below 10 microns so that disruption from excessive moisture is minimised and to allow air borne sanitizer to remain suspended for maximised distribution throughout the treated air space.


After an extensive period of developing and testing, we created the Frogga. The Frogga is an air powered dry fogging system that will atomize a liquid solution into fine particles of less than 3 microns. Capable of sanitizing a small to large room or space in minutes, without any residual moisture that may damage electronics, soft furnishings or paper that may be present during the fogging process.

Testing & Research

Along the development pathway the Frogga has been comprehensively tested for performance and consistency. These tests include independent university based validation.

We are now confident of the following:

- Majority of fogging particle size between 0.5-0.7 microns (very dry fog)
- Fogging particle concentration remains constant 6m from unit (travels well)
- Fog particles remain in the air for at least 5 mins after unit is turned off