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Why Frogga

History & Product Development

Why fogging? Because fogging is a proven method for sanitizing and disinfecting a room or space. Fogging gets into all those hard to reach areas and generally does this a lot quicker and effectively than manual cleaning.

Why ‘Dry’ fogging? Not all fogging is equal. Dry fogging is the preferred method to use in indoor areas where electronics and materials (like carpet) are present.

The Frogga is an air powered dry fogging system that will atomize a liquid solution into fine particles of less than 3 microns. Capable of sanitizing a small to large room or space in minutes, without any residual moisture that may damage electronics, soft furnishings or paper that may be present during the fogging process.

Frogga creates and disperses treated particles into air space in a manner designed to disrupt any enveloped virus that may be ‘hanging in the air’ from unknown host sources.

Frogga is discrete routine air sanitization removes that fear of people in PPE with backpack and nozzle and introduces air treatment as an extension of safe hygiene practice.

As part of the regular cleaning and sanitizing routine Frogga extends sanitizing procedures beyond traditional hard surface cleaning to include ‘Air’ as a surface for routine sanitization